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The Good Son
Geschreven door You-Jeong Jeong
Geplaatst op 11-06-2021 om 10:40

Aantal sterren: 3.5/5

Recensie: May is Asian Awareness Month and this was the first book I reached for. This book follows Yu-jin, a 25-year-old law student in Seoul, South-Korea. Yu-jin lives a rigidly scheduled life which his mother has imposed on him. In addition, he suffers from seizures for which he must take pills every day. His overbearing mother and sickness make him feel imprisoned in a cage he cannot escape from and he rebels by secretly not taking his medicine on certain days. His troubles start one morning when he wakes up to find his mother lying dead in the kitchen and no recollection of the previous few days. The only way he can solve who killed her is by reading her diary, starting a race against the police. The book is written by a psychiatrist and while reading the book I could sense she was very well informed on the downfalls of unexamined mental health issues. I moderately enjoyed this book. It was easily read yet the downsides for me were the lack of symbolism and the predictability. The upside of this book was that it stimulates the reader to consider what we find healthy parent-child relationships, when and what boundaries should be set and that it raises awareness about mental health treatment. This was the first book I read from a Korean author and I am glad I did read it for it introduced me to certain aspects of Korean culture. The Seoul scenery that are described in this book adds to the aesthetic appeal that comes with reading and the protagonist often travels from affluent Seoul neighborhoods to more urban districts.